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Deep dive into practical use of Document Data Modeling

Experienced in .NET/Java/Node.js and aspiring to master all aspects of Document Data Modeling? What better way to learn than with in-depth demonstrations and practical highlights for common RavenDB use cases?

Our 4 steps program will take you from the basics to a full mastery of the Raven Query Language (RQL), while providing you hands-on experience with RavenDB Document Database and its API.

Register now to our workshops below where our expert will unveil all RavenDB's secrets for you.


What You'll Learn

Document Data Modeling

Theory and principles

Using RavenDB

Client API, RQL, Advanced Indexing and deep-dive into key features including Counters and Spatial Queries

Scaling RavenDB

Replication, clustering, load balancing, failover


Dejan Miličić is an enthusiastic consultant and developer advocate at RavenDB with more than 20 years of experience as a professional software developer in designing, writing, and maintaining applications. Dejan is passionate about Open Source, RavenDB, Software Architecture, and Software Professionalism, supporting the Software Crafting Serbia community via workshops and meetups. He is an active proponent of knowledge sharing, professional ethics, and usage of Type Driven Development and Functional techniques to reduce complexity, increase expressiveness, and improve the correctness of software.

In his spare time, Dejan works on open source projects, mentors startups in various development phases and participates in Startup Accelerator programs supporting entrepreneurs through on-site and off-site consultations.


The course is divided into 4-hour segments

Advanced RavenDB

15⁰⁰ - 19⁰⁰
CET (GMT +1)
  • Productivity features - Query Streaming, Changes API, with hands-on experience
  • Time series & counters
  • Spatial queries, with hands-on demonstration
  • Data Subscriptions, with hands-on demonstration

RavenDB At Scale

15⁰⁰ - 19⁰⁰
CET (GMT +1)
  • Clustering, replication, failover
  • Cluster-level operations, with hands-on demonstration
  • Clusters and performance

RavenDB Basics

15⁰⁰ - 19⁰⁰
CET (GMT +1)
  • Theory and principles of Document Data Modelling
  • Program structure, RavenDB, Lucene, Eventual Consistency
  • CRUD, Auto-indexes, with hands-on demonstration
  • Advanced Indexing, Full-Text Search, Map/Reduce, JavaScript indexes, with hands-on demonstration
  • Document patching

Audience Requirements

The audience would need a laptop with any of the development environments:

  • .NET - latest .NET Core installed and Visual Studio 2019 / Rider 2020 or higher.
  • Java - latest JDK installed and Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE
  • Node.js - latest Node.js LTS installed and VSCode IDE


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