Workshops '18

In this workshop, we will dive deeply into RavenDB 4.0, and all the new and exciting things it can do for you. This workshop is for developers and their operations teams who want to know RavenDB better.

This course assumes you know nothing about RavenDB, NoSQL, or document databases, so you can ramp up your skills in the latest technology in the database industry. This course, like RavenDB 4.0 is designed to make your next project even better!

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  1. Initial Setup and Deployment

    1. Installing RavenDB on a Single Node
    2. Installing RavenDB on a distributed cluster.
  2. Modeling Data

    1. Fitting into the documents model
    2. Improving your applications from the blueprint stage
  3. High-Availability

    1. Exploring RavenDBs distributed nature
    2. Consensus and gossip protocols for writes
    3. Self-managing clusters
  4. Raven Query Language

    1. How to query documents using RQL
    2. Self-optimization features of RavenDB based on your applications behavior
    3. Setting up Map/Reduce Indexes and achieving cheap aggregation queries at any scale
  5. RQL Squares: Reducing Network Load and Latency

    1. Lazy queries
    2. Minimizing calls to the server
  6. RavenDB Advanced Features

    1. Subscriptions and Batch processing
    2. Deploying RavenDB in a geo-distributed environment
    3. using polyglot persistence to integrate different types of databases into a cohesive whole

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